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100 _aAnderson Robert J.
245 _aMastering Leadership
_cby Robert J. Anderson and William A. Adams.
260 _aNew Delhi
_bWiley india Pvt. Ltd.
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500 _a1. The promise of leadership: meeting the high bar of expectations 2. Leadership effectiveness and business performance: The primary competitive advantage 3. Mastery and maturity consciousness and complexity: The leadership development agenda 4. Stages of development: the backbone of the universal model of leadership 5. Five levels of leadership: structures of mind and performance 6. The universal model and metrics: Global leadership cross-cultural, and gender application 7. The leadership system: The Central Orgamozing system 8. Reactive leadership: An insufficient triumph of development 9. Reactive leadership at work: from patriarchy to partnership 10. Creative leadership: fulfilling the promise of leadership 11. Six leadership practices: spiritual boot camp for leaders 12. Integral leadership: built for complexity designed for transformation 13. Unity: Journey’s end development turned upside down
600 _aLeadership
700 _aAdams, William A.
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