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008 140223b2005 xxu||||| |||| 00| 0 eng d
020 _a9788182741416
082 _a620.5
100 _aDiwan, Parag
245 _aThe Nanoscope: Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Vol.VI: Nanomedicines
_cEd by Parag Diwan and Ashish Bharadwaj
260 _aNew Delhi
_bPentagon Press
300 _a210p
500 _aShows how nanotechnology has the potential to create a new industrial revolution that could change various aspects of daily life. This set consists of 6 volumes.
600 _aNanotechnology
700 _aBharadwaj, Ashish
890 _aIndia
995 _ANAN
_XMahajan Book DepotP
999 _c15909