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100 _aWilliams, Tim
245 _aEMC for Product Designers
_cby Tim Williams
250 _a4th ed
260 _aIndia
_bCRC Press
300 _a498p
440 _aCRC Reference Collection
500 _aPart - 1: Legislation and Standards Introduction The EMC Directive The R and TTE Directive Commercial Standards Other Standards and Legislation Part - 2: Testing RF Emissions Measurements Immunity Tests Low Frequency Tests Test Planning Part - 3: Design Interference Coupling Mechanisms Layout and Grounding Digital and Analogue Circuit Design Interfaces and Filtering Shielding Systems EMC EMC Management Appendix - A: Design checklist Appendix - B: CAD for EMC Appendix - C: Case studies Appendix - D: Useful tables and formulae Appendix - E: The EU and EEA countries Glossary Bibliography Index
600 _aElectronic Engineering
600 _aElectronic Communication
890 _aIndia
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