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100 _aGoswami, D. Yogi
245 _aEnergy Conversion
_cEd by D. Yogi Goswami and Frank Kreith
260 _aBoca Raton
_bCRC Press
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440 _aMechanical Engineering Series
500 _aPart - 1: Energy Resources Fossil Fuels Biomass Energy Nuclear Resources Solar Energy Resources Wind Energy Resources Geothermal Energy Part - 2: Energy Conversion Steam Power Plant Gas Turbines Internal Combustion Engines Hydraulic Turbines Stirling Engines Advanced Fossil Fuel Power Systems Combined Cycle Power Plants Energy Storage Technologies Nuclear Power Technologies Nuclear Fusion Solar Thermal Energy Conversion Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Photovoltaic Fundamentals, Technology and Application Wind Energy Conversion Biomass Conversion Processes for Energy Recovery Geothermal Power Generation Waste to Energy Combustion Ocean Energy TechnologyFuel Cells Direct Energy Conversion Appendix: The International System of Units, Fundamental constants, and Conversion Factors Solar Radiation Data Properties of Gases, Vapors, Liquids and Solids Ultimate Analysis of Biomass Fuels Index
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