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020 _a9788172247683
082 _a363.7
100 _aKoren, Herman
245 _aHandbook of Environmental Health and Safety: Principles and Practices Vol - 2
_cby Herman Koren and Michael Bisesi
260 _aNew Delhi
_bJaico Publishing House
300 _a788p
500 _aA Quality Management Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Private and Public Water Suppliers Swimming Areas Plumbing Private and Public Sewage Disposal and Soils Water Pollution and Water Quality Controls Environmental Health Emergencies, Nuisance Complaints and Special Problems Instrumentation
600 _aChemical Engineering
700 _aBisesi, Michael
890 _aIndia
995 _AKOR
_J1625.00 36.3%
_XBooks India
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