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020 _a9780849312809
082 _a620.1064
100 _aCrowe, Clayton T.
245 _aMultiphase Flow Handbook
_cEd by Clayton T. Crowe
260 _aIndia
_bCRC Press
300 _aI-12p
440 _aMechanical Engineering Series
500 _aBasic Concepts And Definitions Gas Liquid Transport In Ducts Boiling And Condensation Fluid-Solid Transport In Ducts Fluidized Beds Aerosol Flows Particle Separation Systems Spray Systems Dry Powder Flows Porous Media Flows Microscale And Microgravity Flows Multiphase Interactions Modeling Advanced Experimental Techniques
600 _aMechanical Engineering
890 _aIndia
995 _AMUL
_J5000.00 20%
_XKushal Books
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