Hurwitz, Judith

Smart or Lucky?: How Technology Leaders Turn Change Into Success by Judith Hurwitz - San Francisco Jossey-Bass Publishers 2011 - 217p

1.Lightning Doesn't Strike Twice What Happens When You're Lucky but Think You're Smart 2.Gaining and Retaining Customers How to Get Customers to Adopt and Commit to Technology 3.You're Not Dead Yet How Some Companies Come Back from Near Death Experiences 4.The Google Sneak Attack Supplanting the Market Leader 5.Hero Worship Gaining Loyalty by Helping Your Customers Find Personal Success 6.Lessons from the Lemmings Era How Out-of-Control Dot-Coms Fueled the Future 7.The Gotcha Syndrome Why Promising Technologies Fail 8.Standing on the Shoulders of Pioneers How Lessons Learned from the Past Pave the Way for New Technology 9.The Silver Bullet Syndrome Beware of Solutions That Appear Too Good to Be True 10.Splitting Up Is Hard to Do When Walking Away from Legacy Products Makes Sense.

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High Technology Industries
Success in Business
Sustainable Development
Technological Innovation

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