Krug, Jeffrey A.

Multinational Enterprise Theory Vol. - III: Organizational Structure and Control Ed by Jeffrey A. Krug and John D. Daniels - Los Angeles Sage Publications 2008 - 356p - Sage Library in Business and Management .

Volume Three Organizational Structure and Control PART EIGHT: ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Organizational Structure and the Multinational Strategy Strategy and Structure Extending the Theory and Integrating the Research on National and International Firms The Influence of Organizational Structure on the Information Received by Corporate Strategists of Multinational Enterprises Interpreting the Impact of Culture on Structure The Role of Change Processes Emotional Intelligence A Key Ability to Succeed in the Matrix Emerging Structural Patterns within Multinational Corporations Toward Process-Based Structures PART NINE: KNOWLEDGE FLOWS AND DECISION-MAKING How Do Mulinational Companies Leverage Technological Competencies? Moving from Single to Interdependent Explanations A New Perspective on the Integration - Responsiveness Pressures Confronting Multinational Firms Strategic Upstream and Downstream Considerations for Effective Global Performance Management The Management of Information and Managers in Subsidiaries of Multinational Corporations National Culture, Networks and Individual Influence in a Mulitnational Management Team Reinventing Strategies for Emerging Markets Beyond the Transnational Model PART TEN: FORMS OF OPERATIONS Attitudes and Motivations The Impact of Firm and Industry Characteristics on Technology Licensing Brands across Borders Determining Factors in Choosing Franchising of Management Contracts for Entering International Markets Equity Control and the Survival of International Joint Ventures A Contingency Approach Investors' Resources and Management Participation in International Joint Ventures A Control Perspective Trust across Borders

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